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Christopher L. Marlowe started Marlowe Law Firm in 2020. As a former Partner at Haggard Law Firm in Miami, Christopher handled a wide array of cases, including those involving negligent security, pool drowning, auto accident and wrongful death. His work as lead counsel on sexual assault, robbery, homicide and shooting cases, has led to security and safety improvements at commercial and residential properties.

Marlowe Law Firm works across a variety of practice areas. With an overwhelming successful track record and expertise in managing complex cases, the Marlowe Law Firm continues to raise the bar in the world of litigation. Learn more about each practice area below:

Wrongful Death

Your child, parent, spouse or friend is killed. It didn’t have to happen. When other people or businesses put YOUR loved ones at risk, and the worst nightmare becomes real, what can you do to take care of those left behind? Rent or mortgages need to be paid. Medical bills are still out there. Paying for education and the future seems scary, and uncertain. The Marlowe Law Firm exists to guide you through the process, protect you at every stage, and hold those accountable for the damage and pain they have caused, and to secure the future for those left behind. We are here, simply, for you.

Personal Injury

You have your health – until you don’t. After a devastating injury, you don’t have to face the consequences of what happened alone. Life will go on because it must – but you deserve the help you are entitled to. Bills, work, family obligations, childcare, and doctor appointments all become so much harder when you are not living life the way you used to. You deserve to get back to as close health as you were before the injury. The experienced trial attorneys at Marlowe Law Firm stand up for you, to anyone, and fight for you, to ensure that you receive every benefit you are entitled to. Good trial lawyers are there to lighten the load and do the heavy lifting so you can get back to your life.

Auto Accident

A lot more than “just” cars are out there wreaking havoc on our streets and waterways, injuring and killing innocent people every day. Whether your accident involves a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, bus, or even a golf cart (yes, people have been paralyzed or even killed on golf carts), we are here to help you. We’ve been there and seen a lot of bizarre and tragic accidents. Don’t let them blame you. Don’t let them take away from what has already been taken from you. We know how to navigate the system, from the accident scene to the courtroom, and we hold those responsible who failed to drive safely.

Negligent Security

Your world deserves to be a safe one. It is your right. In Florida, property owners must maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition, free from foreseeable acts of violence. This means that where you live, work, go to school, vacation, eat and play, should all be safe. But too many businesses don’t think about safety until its too late. Until a young man or woman is murdered. Or stabbed. Shot. Beaten. Kidnapped. Raped. Marlowe Law Firm’s trial attorneys are former prosecutors and public defenders who know how the criminal justice system works. Too often, the defendant will come after you or your loved one, and blame them for having been attacked. “Blame the victim” is what we hear. Our verdicts speak for themselves. We don’t play that game. We will be at your side every step of the way, to help with your fear of the system and everyone in it. And to make those responsible for what happened pay. You have a right to be safe.

Pool and Water Drowning

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children in Florida. This terrifying reality is known to owners and operators of swimming pools, spas, lifeguards and hotels. Too often, however, the many safeguards and laws designed to keep people safe are simply not followed. Gates are poorly maintained. Lights are not working. Covers are missing over water intake pipes, trapping children and adults under water. There are so many ways to die or suffer horrific, permanent injuries in the water. But there are always reasonable ways that a responsible property owner could have prevented the tragedy. Our trial attorneys have years of experience examining violations of federal, state, county, and city codes and ordinances, and holding property owners to account when they violate these life-safety guidelines. Death and serious injury are absolutely unnecessary around the water, and the Marlowe Law Firm is here for you from the beginning until the end to hold those responsible – to you.

“Our life’s work is fighting for our clients and their families at a critical time in their lives. It is a privilege to protect and shepherd them through the legal process in search of justice in their honor.” – Christopher L. Marlowe​

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