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Myth #1: All my costs will be covered by my insurance if I’m injured.

Marlowe MythBuster:  From our experience, insurance companies will do whatever it takes to make your claim go away which often leads to paying you the least amount of money.

Myth #2: It’s expensive to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Marlowe MythBuster:  Most firms, including Marlowe Law Firm, work under a contingent fee structure. This means we work on your case free of charge and deduct fees once the case ends and you win or there is a settlement.

Myth #3: I shouldn’t interrupt my attorney – they are working on my case and I need them to stay focused.

Marlowe MythBuster:  We take representing you seriously. That’s why we give each of our client’s unprecedented access to connect with Christopher Marlowe 24/7.  We believe in an ongoing collaborative approach when it comes to representing you and your case.

Myth #4: I don’t need to do anything in regards to evidence – I should leave that to law enforcement or insurance adjusters.

Marlowe MythBuster:  Our Marlowe Law Firm has been witness to a lot of injustice directly related to not getting details down in a timely manner.  We advise our clients to write down everything you remember (names, addresses, etc) including taking photographs if possible.


Why do I need an attorney to represent me?

ANSWER:  Because insurance companies do NOT care about you.  They make money by paying as little as they can.  In order to get past insurance lawyers, through the complex legal system, and to the compensation you deserve, you need a very good trial lawyer.  It’s not magic to get results, but it does require experience and very hard work.

What do I need to provide for our first consultation?

ANSWER:  To insurance companies, your case is just another file.  To Marlowe Law Firm, you are a trusted client that we want to know, understand and respect.  It will be helpful for us to have any paperwork, reports, photographs and other materials relating to your case.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out what is relevant or “important” or not.  Let us do that – this is one reason why you hire an attorney in the first place.  If you are thinking about something – anything – in relation to your case, please bring it with you if you can.

How much time is “too much time passed” when it comes to accidents?

ANSWER: “”You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Witnesses disappear. Conditions at the scene of the accident change or are altered and destroyed.  Delay is the insurance company’s best friend and your enemy.  We get in early, strike hard and minimize the damage done by every moment of delay.

What is the most important thing I can do immediately following a tragic event?

ANSWER: This may be the most difficult time in your life.  It is hard to grieve, pay bills, and tend to all of your family or work obligations at the same time.  One of the most important things to do is understand that when you call the Marlowe Law Firm, the additional weight and burden of a legal case will be handled by our experienced trial attorneys for you.  You deserve the best possible result for your case.   You do not deserve the burden of more worry and stress.


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