Leading with Experience

Marlowe Law Firm is a boutique firm representing clients across the State of Florida. Led by Christopher Marlowe, the firm is focused on two things: People and Protecting their Rights. With 20 years of experience fighting for justice, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal representation and an unwavering commitment to our clients as they entrust us with life’s most challenging moments.

Our Mission

Marlowe Law Firm integrates unmatched professionalism and compassionate representation with extensive legal knowledge for the families and individuals we serve. At Marlowe Law Firm we work with families and individuals that are looking to:

● Ensure another tragedy similar to theirs doesn’t happen
● Challenge the legal system in order to bring justice forward
● Make wrongdoers accountable for negligence
● Inspire communities by leaving a positive legacy stemming from a tragedy

Our Values


We are dedicated to the endless pursuit of excellence and treat everyone with dignity, humanity, and respect.


We are passionate advocates for those we serve and the work we put forth in the community-at-large.


We are uncompromising in providing expert legal counsel and exceptional service at every opportunity.


We empower our clients and help them rebuild their lives.

When you hire The Marlowe Law Firm, you hire Christopher Marlowe and I work directly for you. Expect nothing less from anyone entrusted with your life’s most challenging moments.

Are you looking for reliable & dedicated counsel?

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